Using microsoft outlook program for managing email

Managing emails is quite simple, but it works when done with the right steps using Microsoft Outlook Mail Folders.

Lots of emails can definitely disturb you if they are useless too. Checking all the mails is nearly impossible in today’s busy schedule. It is a big challenge to access all the mails and keeping the track for them. To avoid the whole mess, it will be good to organize all the mails in the mailbox, so that you can access them as per your needs. With the indispensable tools of Microsoft Outlook, you will be able to manage your mailbox and better utilize them. Here are a few guidelines that can extremely help you to manage your mailbox.

Steps to manage Email:

1.) Firstly, select individuals or groups of individuals you frequently get email from.

2.) Organize new rules for each individual group or person you frequently receive email from Outlook Mail, Actions, Rules and Alerts and connect these emails to be moved to a specific folder under Inbox.

3.) Choose whether you want to A) be alerted when you receive a special message from this individual or group and/or B) mark it as read immediately.

4.) Construct new rules for each individual group or person you frequently send email to and direct these emails to be moved as a copy of the email you are sending to a specific folder under the Sent folder.

5.) Decide as per your priority, when and in what order you want to stop processing a rule. - This is notably essential when working with rules that control with emails you send -- otherwise multiple copies of the same email will be saved by default.

6.) Have one sent rule at the lowest of all of the sent rules with Stop processing. It will capture all emails that did not get placed into individual subfolders.

7.) Evaluate the Sent emails that move to the Sent folder that don’t get moved to another subfolder.The number of messages in the Sent folder can indicate when it is time to create new subcategories of sent email.

8.) On current basis, evaluate the Inbox emails that go to the Inbox and are not moved into another subcategory. The number of messages in the main Inbox folder can confirm when it’s time to form new subcategories of received email.

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